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Frito-Lay does not provide a printable job application, and they do not accept applications by FAX or email. To apply for a job at Frito-Lay online, use the link above to access Frito-Lay’s employment website. The home page contains a description of Frito-Lay career opportunities.  To start the application process, click the next button.  If you are interested in a career with Frito-Lay, complete the Frito-Lay Application today.

Frito-Lay Careers – Job Positions Available

Frito Lay has full-time and part-time positions available throughout the United States.  There a are many fascinating career opportunities available at Frito-Lay

Commissioned Sales, Hourly and Over The Road Drivers

Frito-Lay has employment opportunities as a Front Line Sales employee or a Manufacturing/Operations position such as Packer, Warehouser, Over the Road Drivers or other hourly positions, both full time and part time. Frito-Lay has manufacturing facilities in a variety locations. As well, their front line sales force serves customers in all 50 states.

Professionals and New Grads

If you have professional experience or are graduating or seeking internship experience, search for career opportunities designed specifically for you and learn more about what it is really like to work at Frito-Lay.

Getting a Job at Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay Hiring Advice and Job Interview Tips

Frito-Lay Job Opportunities

Chances are you have snacked on a product from Frito-Lay. Frito-lay is a subsidiary of the PepsiCo Company and has been making delicious snacks for more than 75 years. Frito-Lay are the makers of some of America’s favorite snack foods including, FRITOS®, LAY’S®, DORITOS®, CHEETOS®, AND TOSTITOS®.

Frito-Lay’s success is directly related to its employees’ constant focus on results, growth, and innovation. It’s the talented, motivated members of the Frito-Lay team who ensure that they continue to lead the industry and set the pace.

Frito-Lay Worker Benefits

Frito lay proudly offers its employees an extensive range of benefits. Health benefits include Basic and Enhanced Medical and Dental insurance, Vision coverage, Life Insurance, Short and Long Term Disability coverage, a Health Care Reimbursement Account, and a Dependent Care Reimbursement Account. Financial and retirement benefits include SharePower, PepsiCo’s global stock option program, a Pension Plan (100% PepsiCo paid retirement benefit), a 401(k) Plan, a Stock Purchase Program.

Other benefits include an Employee Assistance Program, Adoption Assistance, an Auto and Home Insurance Program, Family Leave, Ford & GM Car Discount Programs, Tuition Reimbursement/Educational Assistance, Service Awards, and Special discounts on a wide range of products.

Frito-Lay Financial Statistics

Frito-Lay/Pepsico, Inc. (NYSE: PEP)

Sector: Consumer Goods

Full Time Employees: 294,000

Revenue (ttm): $64.50 Billion

22 Responses

  1. Pros
    Merchandising can be a laid back job if you get a good route and the pay is better than almost everyone else in the industry. You can probably live some-what comfortably on a merchandisers’ pay if you’re single with no kids… also, great benefits, company has money to spend (typically good food at every meeting, lots of events throughout the year), Company most likely isn’t going anywhere since they own almost every product on chip aisle (job security), Merchandisers have a decent chance at a work/life balance
    Moving up seems to destroy any hope for work/life balance (or at least for like the next 10 years of your life until u get your own route) so either you wait to get a route (as a merchandiser) that works for you schedule wise (but by the way, they all start between 2am-6am) and stick to the same pay forever (as far as I know Merch’s don’t get raises…?) or move up to eventually to make really good money, but you might be stuck as a relief driver with NO consistency in scheduling for probably at least a good 5 years before even getting a chance at bidding on a route, in which there’s no guarantee that you will get one with weekends off, and you’ll probably end up with a route that doesn’t make the big bucks like you’re hoping for. So, if you’re a very money driven person, there is good opportunities to make really good money within this company, it’s just a matter of how long you’ll have to wait to get to where you want to be.

  2. Please I really need a job to support my family because I have five kids and we are struggling to make ends meet. please consider my application it would be the greatest christmas gift ever.

  3. I heard about this job oppunity through a friend, and i would really like the chance to work for this company. Your products have been in my family a long time and it would be a great pleasure to work for FritoLay. My grans would be proud also. Thank You Very Much

  4. Please i really need a job. I been trying to get a job for weeks and i have no results. i have no money coming in and my bills is getting behind. So please consider my application

  5. i been applying fritoy lay four months i would no if they are geting my resumne i been seing thoes jobs on line i been tryuing about five months i have 25 years in plastic operator five months know and manchine blow mold opeartor in pepsi field but no respone on application

  6. My cdl class b license with air brakes with passengers
    Endorsement but I have tryed to apply at the Bronx location but every time I apply it states that they is no opening I am willing to work at the Brooklyn,queens,Bronx and new York city can you get back to make sure you received my message

  7. I worked for hostess cake for 17 years. Then before that I worked for fred meyers for 20 years. I know all the ins and outs of this business. thanks carolyn

  8. I want to join tha team because I can bring joy and energetic to tha team I’m fast was a team leader at Walmart and I make smart decisions so I just want a shot at this career

  9. I worked in the printing industry for 20 years with a company that printed your chip bags ( Bryce Corporation). Unfortunately was laid off back in 2003. Would like to hold a position that would link me back to that industry. Very familiar with all aspects of the printing industry ( Graphics, Printing, Laminating, Finishing). I would like to send my resume. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks

  10. Hello. My name is Lakeeva Spratt I’m a mom of three looking four a career change. I’ve been. Job hunting for just over a week I would. Love to join your company and become an employed with a very prosperous company please consider me for a entry level warehouse position in packaging..

    Thank you

  11. Hello i would like to be hired by your company, because i am unemployed at this time. I worked at Diamond Foods in Fishers, In. for eighteen years, and they closed the doors 01-18-2013. I did packing.

  12. hey there 🙂

    Im a hard working female thats recently had to leave my current job because the company relocated. Im reliable, trustworthy, and will get the job done. I have warehouse experience and I would love to be part of the frito lay family 🙂 please send a email if interested.

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