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Military Jobs

Types of Military Careers

You have a few different options if you’re interest in jobs offered by the military.  You’ll have to make a decision about which branch you’ll like to be involved with and then work with a recruiter to find the best position for you within the organization if you’d like to enlist.  Finding a civilian job is a possibility, too.  Learn more about the jobs available here.

  • United States ArmyArmy Careers – The US Army is responsible for most land-based operations.  In the Army, you’ll find jobs ranging from active duty soldiers to administrative positions for civilian workers.  Some people who work with the Army are not actually employed by the US Government at all.  These people are engineers and other professionals who are employed by companies who are contracted by the government to create tools that will help the Army during combat.
  •  United States NavyNavy Careers – The US Navy takes care of naval operations for the US government.  This is a great branch of the Military to work in if you love the ocean.  As with the Army, you can enlist in the Navy, or you can also find civilian jobs in the administrative sector.  The Navy also works with civilian companies that create and build the ships and weapons that are used by this military branch.
  • United States Airforce jobsAir Force Careers – If the Army is responsible for land operations and the Navy responsible for water, then it follows that the Air Force is responsible for the skies.  Originally, the Air Force was part of the Army, but in 1947, it became its own military branch.  You have to pass certain tests to fly with the air force, but there are plenty of other jobs for you if you love aviation.  Besides enlistment military jobs, you can find civilian jobs and work with companies contracted by the US Air Force.  Even though you do not necessarily have to go through basic training to take these jobs, you will have to obtain certain clearances and meet certain military standards.
  • United States Marine CorpMarine Corps Careers – The Marine Corps also provides military protection from the sea.  The Marines are responsible for amphibious landing forces and sometimes support naval operations.  Jobs in the Marine Corps range from training to linguistics.  Civilian jobs include the usual administrative positions and the option to work with a company that has been contracted by the Marines for their technical services.
  • Coast Guard Careers – The Coast Guard protects the coasts, ports, and inland waterways of America.  As a safety and security military branch, most Coast Guard jobs are based in the US and are near water.  You can enlist in the coast guard or you can apply to work on the base in one of the civilian designated jobs or with a company that the Coast Guard has employed to build or design equipment for military purposes.
  • United States Coast GuardNational Guard Careers – The National Guard is the first-line defense for the United States.  There are a few different branches of this reserve military force, so you will want to do a little bit of research to see where you would like to spend your time working.  The jobs available are similar to those for the other military branches, but an enlisted National Guard reserve soldier can keep a civilian job while upholding his or her obligations to this organization.



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