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If you are interested in a career at Walmart, review the information about Walmart’s culture and stores and then complete a Walmart Application Online.  Walmart Jobs are available in your area, complete you Walmart application online and start your career today.

Hiring Process for Walmart Jobs

Be Yourself

Not everyone can survive and thrive in every environment. This is why the overall fit between you and the organization is so important. The interview will give you a chance to examine this fit and help to ensure a successful relationship. The interview will be most effective if you are yourself, speak with truth and candor and show your personality.

When applying for a store position, you will be asked to complete a Retail Pre-Employment Assessment as part of your Walmart Application.  The Pre-Employment Assessment is about 65 questions and will take between thirty and forty minutes to complete. The questions are based on situations you might encounter while working at Walmart. Take your time, read each question carefully, and choose what you feel is the best answer for each situation.

Know the company you interview with

Most companies will expect you to know a little about their products and services. In addition, become familiar with the industry, the challenges the companies face, and the competitive landscapes in which they operate. For more information about our company, review the following news and research sites:

Google Finance [WMT]

Walmart Careers – Job Positions Available

Store Management, Store Associate, Greeter, Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Truck Driver, Maintenance Associate, Housekeeping Associate, Money Centers Associate, Stock Associate, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacist, Optometrist, Electronics Sales Associate, Cart Retriever, Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Beauty Sales Associate, Automotive Sales Associate, Automotive Technician, Tire Sales Associate, Photo Sales Associate

Walmart Job Application

Walmart Job Application.  Apply for a Walmart job today!

Have You Ever Applied for a Job at Walmart?

Help our community learn more about Walmart’s hiring process. Tell us your experience applying for a job at Walmart.

Here are some things job seekers would like to know:

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  1. I have not worked for Walmart before. I would like to apply for a cashier position. Could you please let me know where do I have to apply at. Thank You, Frances Dugas

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